brand, editorial and digital design + webflow development.
crafted by
Viktor suszter,

Sugarcraft web desktop and mobile presentation slide for Dribbble
Sugarcraft - vase in hand flower composition
Sugarcraft social media cover page image

Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári – handcrafted sugar flowers / Digital brand and webdesign

Live website...

ELMÜ – storage inventory / Application design

product design

The life-span of electricity meters varies from 5-20 years. Managing and maintaining different models and their operations is quite a job for ELMŰ (national electricity works network) workers. We designed a native mobile application for them that helps the organisation and managing of these devices.

Figma UX prototype...

Hechenbichler – expert in plant strengthening, fertilizer and animal welfare / Brand and website redesign


Hechenbichler is an innovative and highly effective product producer in the areas of soil improvement and plant strengthening for sustainable agriculture. Hechenbichler help in the conscious use of valuable on-farm raw materials and support animal health. I helped in this project as an UX and UI designer.

Live website...
Image from Vienna Design Week - Labor workshop: A women lough in dotted suit in fornt of the dotted wall

Viktor un Viktor – Vienna Design Week – Labor / Design workshop


Exploration and search for the relations between past and present in the concrete enviroment at Orangerie in Schwartzenberg Palace with provided tools, black and white paper, scissors and glue. Everything happened in Labor at Vienna Design Week, October 26 and 30. 2014

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Museum a House for Learning – theoretical case studies book / Book design


This volume includes 17 museum historical and critical studies, as well as essays, which analyse the theoretical terms of the institution’s practice. A museum is a house for learning, which operates in varied urban and cultural spaces in different eras.

Details on Lead82 website...

Tabačka Kulturfabrik Košice – The Independent cultural center / All in


It was an 8 years trip which started with one sketch on a lined notebook paper splash and ended with enterieur design of the coffee room and entire navigation system in the whole building area. Concept of the brand was build and execute as an ongoing project with re-conceptualise of the initial visual style. So, this project was my longets cooperation with a partner and most complex design task ever.

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end-to-end design from
initial idealisation to
final realisation.


  • Consultancy
  • Research
  • Concept
  • Identity

print design

  • Typography
  • Magazine design
  • Book design

web design

  • Information architecture
  • Prototyping
  • UX and UI design
  • Design systems
  • Digital product design

Framer or Webflow
no-code development

  • Responsive design
  • No-code development
  • CMS setup
  • E-commerce
  • Hosting

Identities and Brands
made THOUGHTFULLY with intent,
and with care.

Responsible design, simply that's the term and responsible design refers to the designer's goals and approaches rather than the invention's object. The slow design considers the step-by-step, investigative, curious and honest standpoint in the design process.

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Serifmag logo Eastern Design Conference 2018 logo Niche logo D. B. Reynolds logo Tabacka Kulturfabrik Kosice logo Booom logo Ottó Bácsi Villantói logo Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyari logo Claasic Multiple Listing System logo DMN Designers Movie Nights logo Prezi Ambassador logo Manons logo

No-code web develeopment –
custom cms or e-shop solutions with framer or webflow.

I produce and provide complete and complex digital end-to-end solutions, started from prototypes and ended with CMS or E-commerce development – in Framer or Webflow – with fast and secure Stripe payment system integration within.

Wherever – Progress sharing for remote era landing page


This Webflow development was done for a startup called Wherever. Wherever is an app in which team members share their progress in a friendly visual way wherever they work. It enables remote teams to become autonomous and high performing through transparency and fairness.

Wherever website

Le Boristic – the 🇭🇺 Hungarian wine specialist, fanatic, a wholesaler based in Paris region, 🇫🇷 France. 🍷


The Le Boristic website was developed based on a Webflow template but favourably modified with different brand typefaces and a changed brand colour palette. This page uses a Webflow built-in e-commerce platform with Stripe payment solution and Shippo deliveries.

Le Boristic website

Modart International Budapest – Paris based Fashion design, management and communication university


Modart International Budapest offers high quality training in Fashion Design, Fashion Management, Fashion Communication and other short programmes (Styling, Experiential Sewing) at the Modart International Budapest, a private school in Paris.

Modart website

Sugarcraft by Eszter Kanyári – hand crafted sugar flowers


Grid-based CMS Webflow website for Eszter Kanyári, the sugar flower designer and producer.

Sugarcraft website

Serifmag – Hungarian typography magazine and resource for type designers and students


Serif magazine aka Serifmag is an online magazine about Hungarian typography from past end present. There were no central source for a  Hungarian typography and typeface design. First version of the website was developed around 2013. From the first moments, I thought that together, with a small enthusiastic pal's we can evolve it easily, with small effort, but currently it's still a personal, ongoing project.

Serifmag website

friends, partners & Co-thinkers.

  • AMKA
  • Ambrus Törőcsik
  • Ádám Bősze
  • Bob Robert Turner
  • Le Boristic
  • Bence Csernák
  • Béla Hamvas
  • Corvinus University Budapest
  • Dani Feles
  • David Gauquelin
  • Ergomania
  • Ericsson
  • Erwin Bauer
  • Expertise France
  • Ferenc Forrai
  • Fortepan Masters
  • Greenester
  • Hungarian Heritage House
  • Karol Fischer
  • KREA Budapest
  • Lead82
  • Melkweg Digital
  • METU Budapest
  • MOME Budapest
  • Museum of Fine Arts Budapest
  • MúzeumCafé
  • Nagy Vierka
  • Ferenc Nádai "Fefe"
  • Ottó Bácsi Villantói
  • Peep and Pulp
  • Péter Serfőző
  • Prezi
  • Peter Radkoff
  • Reader’s Digest
  • RBC Ravak
  • Robi Kerényi
  • Salát Zalán Péter
  • Secberus
  • Skvad
  • Sugarcraft
  • Swipii
  • Tabačka Kulturfabrik Košice
  • TMC Tagore Medical Center
  • Ustream (IBM)
  • Vienna Design Week
  • zwoelf digital


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