Full-stack designer,
brand strategist, consultant and
Design teacher.

I’m working in the digital and analogue world more then 15 years as a designer and consultant, balacing between physical and digital world. I see and serve design as a complex unity and believe in a letter and writing, as a form of the most basic information channel, even if the image is worth more then thousand words. Proper typography in a combination with a systematic design creates one of the highest rated forms of communication.

Self initiated projects
Teacher and mentor

I’m teaching basic intro into digital/web design (with Figma and Webflow) at Metropolitan University Budapest (METU), KREA Budapest and MOME – Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest.


For digital design I use mainly Figma (or Sketch if you insist), Webflow, Affinity Designer and GitHub. I still use ocassionally Adobe Illustrator and for magazine and book design only Adobe InDesign. For typeface design Glyphs. For animations Flow and AppleMotion. For file management Dropbox and for project management Notion.


Working and thinking together with Lead82 in a long-term relationship.

In past years I worked with and for melkweg Digital, Hungarian Heritage House, Museum of Fine Arts Budapest, Corvinus University Budapest, Expertise France, Ericsson, Prezi, T-Mobile USA, Vodafone, Ustream (IBM), Readers Digest among others.

Currently  working as a freelancer.

  • German Design Award
    2019, 2015
  • ADC Art Director Club Award
    2013, 2014
  • Red Dot Design Award
  • designaustria Joseph Binder Award
  • Creativity International Awards
  • European Design Awards
  • MAGMA Hungarian Magazine Design Competition
  • Pro Typographia Hungary
  • Leica European Publishers Award for Photography – Finalist

If you prefer PDF version of my CV, you can download it here.

Viktor is one of the most talented designer I had the chance to work with. If you're looking for someone able to challenge status quo and come out with out-of-the-box ideas, then he's your guy. His work is always inspiring, never easy and has a truly unique strength. On top of that, Viktor is a very pleasant team member I highly recommend working with him.

David Gauquelin, Senior Designer
Frog, Prezi

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